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*Kindly refer to the following links for the statutory definition of "Professional Investor":

*Kindly refer to the following links for Sch. 1, Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap 571) and Securities and Futures (Professional Investor) Rules (Cap. 571D) for the statutory definition of "Professional Investor:



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Provision of Personal Data and about Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

Clients are advised to read carefully the following important points before providing any personal data.

It is not absolutely safe and reliable for clients to provide information to LiZen Asset Management Limited (“LIZEN”), its subsidiaries or affiliates through email or the internet. LIZEN shall not be liable for any losses suffered by you because of any errors or omissions in you sending information through email to us or we sending information to you through email or through the internet upon your request. LIZEN shall keep the personal data of clients strictly confidential. However, you must agree that your personal data may be used for the following purposes upon the submission thereof:

1. for sharing with any members of the LIZEN, for verification and transfer of such personal data;

2. any purposes relevant to or in connection with the compliance of any laws, regulations, court orders or orders from regulatory institutions, including the provision of any such information required by any such regulatory institutions (LIZEN shall not seek legal advice on the legality of such requests prior to such provision);

3. any other purposes relevant to or in connection with our businesses or transactions or the businesses or transactions of any members of the LIZEN.

Other than the information provided by the visitor, LIZEN shall not collect any other personal data in order to identify the identity of the visitor of the LIZEN website.

You may request to obtain and change the personal data held by LIZEN. If you want to obtain or change the personal data held by LIZEN, you may send a written request to our headquarters.

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LiZen Asset Management Limited
Policies and Practices on Personal Data

LiZen Asset Management Limited offer Professional Investors a wide range of investment advisory and asset management services, the collection and use of personal data is fundamental to the administration of your investment, the evaluation of your financial need, and the provision of services to you. LiZen Asset Management Limited ("LiZen") will at times to observe the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in the collection maintenance and use of personal data of our clients. In particular, we will ensure that

only proper and legitimate means are employed to collect personal data

personal data collected and used is accurate and timely

our use of personal data is consistent with the Ordinance and contractual obligations

personal data is protected by appropriate safeguards and made available only to authorized persons, and

clients have the right to access and request correction of their personal data

At LiZen, we collect and hold personal data of our clients in relation to their personal particulars and financial information. This data is collected by LiZen for the purposes of:

approving and administering the client's account

statistical research performed by our company, our associated companies or the investment funds industry, and

promotional offers of new or additional service

Should you prefer not to receive our promotional offers or if you wish to access and/ or correct any personal data, please send your request in writing to:

The Privacy Officer

LiZen Asset Management Limited

Unit 3002, 30/F,

118 Connaught Road West,

Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.